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The fictions and short stories of Tapan Bandyopadhyay have earned enormous fame owing to his lucid style of wriing and vast experience of life earned in his long service career. It is known to all that a writer's creation reflects his vision and philpsophy alongwith his power of observing the soceity and its inhabitants, and his unique way of expressing the life attracts the readers.

Tapan Bandyopadhyay started his literary as a poet, and during the seventies he published a good numbers of poems in the journals and periodicals. Later on, he discovered that the experience gathered by him in the various position public service cannot be expressed in poetry alone, and then he started to write short stories and a writer's ultimate goal--novels and fictions. During his long career in the administrative job, he had to move to several districts of West Bengal, reside there for years and had a deep aquaintance with the life-style, social customs and myths of the rural people of Sunderbans, Murshidabad, Medinipur and other places .

During his frequent visit to the North Bengal, he got ln touch with varieties of tribal people and the treasure of nature. Also he knows the urban life very well as he has also spent long years in Calcutta ( now renamed as Kolkata ) in various capacities of administrative service. As a result of which the writer could mix his passion to know human being character as well as his love for the beauty of nature with his philosophy of life. This unique opportunity enabled him to write Nadi Mati Aranya, a thousand pages novel based on Sunderban's history from 1850 to 1950, the trilogy of Tnar Bangla based on the politicalisation of the people of Bengal during the last quarter of the twentieth century, Khanda bikhanda, based on the tribal lefe of North Bengal whereas the trilogy of Shankha is an autobiographical novel. But Malabkaushik, the most recent novel is the best-ever creation which is a blend of Raga-sangeet with Indian history of sixteenth century.